Please find below some FAQs which have been translated into some of the most commonly spoken languages in Gloucestershire. You can read the FAQs in English here.

We are working with healthcare professionals and people in the local community to produce a number of videos in other languages. Keep checking back for more films to be added in the coming weeks.


On 15 March, the NHS, in partnership with Polish Association Gloucestershire ran a Q&A session in Polish on Facebook, answering people’s questions about the COVID-19 vaccination. You can watch it back via the Polish Association Gloucestershire page on Facebook here.

Dlaczego zaszczepienie się przeciwko COVID-19 jest ważne? (why vaccinate)

Czy NHS ma pewność, że szczepionki są bezpieczne? (Is the vaccine safe)

Czy szczepionka zawiera produkty zwierzęce? (does the vaccine contain animal products?)

Jakich skutków ubocznych można spodziewać się po przyjęciu szczepionki? (side effects)

Porady dla ciężarnych, rozważających ciążę lub karmiących piersią (if you are pregnant/breastfeeding)


Habibur Rahman, Imam of Masjid Umar, Gloucester, on the COVID-19 vaccine 

Rubi Begum has a message about the important of taking up the offer of a COVID-19 vaccination