In response to the pandemic, lots of changes to health and care services have had to be implemented quite quickly. We are keen to hear about your own experience of these e.g. getting advice from your GP practice, accessing community and mental health support or hospital appointments.

We don’t want to restrict the way you choose to express your experiences, so there is no formal survey (yet!) but if you have a story to tell, a suggestion to make, or any other comment about how the local health and care system is responding to the pandemic please email:

If you would prefer to talk about your experience and would like us to call you, we would also be happy to do that.

We will collate all responses we receive anonymously. If you have asked us to pass comments on to anyone in particular; several people have already asked us to pass on thanks, we will be happy to do this for you too (with or without your name and contact details).

The responses that we receive will form the foundations of the record of experience we are creating in relation to the pandemic. There will be more opportunities at other times to give your feedback on the Covid-19 response in Gloucestershire, but we wanted to provide an informal opportunity for reflection two months into the experience.

Thank you, and stay safe.