Two vaccination centres trial walk in service for over 50s – 1st dose only

Saturday 3 April – 10am to 4pm GP surgery teams are piloting an additional vaccination walk in service on Saturday 3 April (10am to 4pm) in two areas of the county – Gloucester and Cheltenham – for those people aged 50 and over who have yet to take up the offer of their 1st dose. The bulk of vaccinations have, and continue to be, provided by appointment through 10 GP led... Read More

NHS urges people in current COVID-19 vaccination priority groups: ‘Don’t delay – take up the offer now’

The NHS in Gloucestershire is this week urging people aged 50 years and over to take up their appointment offer of a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine without delay. Local GP services have been contacting patients by text or letter with reminders going out in recent days. The call also applies to residents in the other top priority groups, including people with underlying health conditions... Read More

NHS in Gloucestershire hits 300,000 COVID-19 vaccination milestone

Vaccination teams across Gloucestershire have been widely praised after yet another major COVID-19 vaccination milestone was surpassed today in the county. Over 300,000 doses have now been given with vaccination teams making rapid progress this week. Gloucestershire has been at the vanguard of the vaccination programme with the bulk of public vaccinations carried out through a network... Read More

New Gloucestershire service supports people with Post-COVID Syndrome

A new community-based service has been established in Gloucestershire to support people affected by ongoing COVID-19 symptoms, often referred to as Long COVID. The Post-COVID Syndrome Assessment Service, provided by Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, brings together skilled healthcare professionals who can provide physical, cognitive (the mental processes involved... Read More

NHS provides reassurance to people in COVID-19 vaccination priority groups

GP leaders in the county are reassuring people aged 55 and over that they are expecting significant additional quantities of vaccine to arrive in Gloucestershire shortly and that residents will not need to travel outside of the county for their COVID-19 vaccination if they do not wish to. Local GP services will be in touch soon, if they haven’t already, to offer an appointment... Read More

Community COVID-19 Vaccination Programme: Residents aged 60 or over

Professor Steve Hams, Chief Nurse at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Senior Responsible Officer for the Gloucestershire COVID-19 Vaccination programme said: “In Gloucestershire, we have a network of GP Primary Care Network (PCN) vaccination centres and services across the county which are playing a huge role in ensuring that we are at the vanguard of the... Read More

Over 1,000 COVID-19 patients in Gloucestershire supported to stay at home safely

With hospital services caring for people who are very unwell with COVID-19, healthcare professionals have learned a great deal about this illness very rapidly and now have a good awareness of who is at risk of becoming severely unwell and could benefit from early treatments. Gloucestershire is supporting many patients at home with the expansion of COVID-19 Virtual Wards, to identify... Read More

NHS in Gloucestershire – update on temporary COVID-19 service changes

Gloucestershire Hospitals have confirmed their intention to reinstate Cheltenham A&E to pre-COVID-19 arrangements (24/7 A&E – nurse led 8pm to 8am) no later than 1 July in response to the continued reduction in community transmission and falling hospital admissions. The NHS presented their plans for a three month extension to a range of temporary service changes introduced... Read More

NHS in Gloucestershire hits 200,000 COVID-19 vaccination milestone

Vaccination teams across Gloucestershire have been widely praised after another major COVID-19 vaccination milestone was reached in the county. Well over 200,000 people have received their first dose so far and this includes the vast majority of people in the 65-69 years priority group. Local vaccination services are also making significant in-roads vaccinating residents in the... Read More

NHS in Gloucestershire hits top priority groups milestone and over 160,000 have received their first COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination teams across Gloucestershire have been widely praised after a major COVID-19 vaccination milestone was reached in the county. Local people and staff in the top four priority groups have now been offered a vaccination and over 160,000 people have received their first dose so far. The top priority groups include the over 70s, residents in older people’s care homes, the... Read More